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Canada Goose Control with Trained Border Collie Goose Dogs

Border Collie scaring goose away from lakeGoose Masters provides an environmentally safe, humane, and effective way to get rid of geese from your golf course, beach, private estate, college and university, corporate properties, airport, or housing complex. Using trained Border Collie Goose Dogs and experienced dog handlers, Goose Masters reduces the nuisance of Canada Geese on your property.

This method of goose management is very safe because the Border Collie, unlike other breeds of dogs, uses its eye to mesmerize their prey into flight while never touching the birds. The Canadian geese consider the Border Collie a predator because of the wolf-like stare. The effectiveness lies in the Border Collie's persistence and constant desire to work. By disrupting the Canada geese and their environment,our goose dogs convince the geese to find a safer haven.

Learn why our goose dogs are better than other methods of getting rid of Canada geese.

Only the Border Collie has the "eye" of a wolf and the instinct to determinedly "work" or stalk the Canada geese instead of attacking them. The Canadian geese tire of being pestered and simply choose to move to another place in order to find a safer haven. These dogs have a high level of energy and this job gives them a wonderful outlet to expend that energy with no harm to the geese.

What our Border Collies see BEFORE they go to work.Lots of goose deterrents have hit the market in a vain attempt to control these masked bandits. Laser lights, goose repellents, motion sensory squirt guns, sonic sound systems, electric fencing, patterns of ropes strung over ponds and lakes, fake "look alike" predators and even swans have been tried but they do NOT eliminate nor do they offer long term control of the Canada geese.

In fact, several of these goose deterrent methods of can only be done at certain times of the day or seasons of the year. Other goose control methods have offensive sights, sounds and sensations that disrupt the serene natural environment of your lawn, site, pond, park, campus, or golf course. NONE of the other Canadian goose control methods are reliable and NONE offer continuous goose control like the services of a well trained Border Collie goose dog and its handler.

Goose Master's Border Collie goose deterrent techniques are approved by the USDA Wildlife Services and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In addition, the Humane Society and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recommend the use of working Border Collies for Canada goose control. Although some people refer to the Canada goose as a Canadian goose, Canada goose is the correct common name, while "Branta canadensis" is the scientific name. We use both Canada and Canadian on this site because many people have no idea there is a correct term.

Trust our experienced goose dog handlers at Goose Masters to help you get rid of geese.
Just imagine... no more health concerns about goose poop in your pond, on your lawn, sidewalks, or parking lot! No more goose poop with Goose Masters!


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